Arctic rowers breaking world records on epic voyage (ITV News)

A crew of rowers have set five world records as they make their way across the Arctic.

The six-man crew have already travelled 566 nautical miles in seven days, rowing from Tromsø in Norway to Svalbard, and are chasing another two group records.

It is the first ever "south to north" row in the Arctic and has seen them reach the northernmost latitude achieved by a rowing crew.

En route, the international team have been rowing continuously for 24 hours a day in two-hour shifts.

They will shortly be setting off on the second leg of their epic voyage, which will take them 1,200 miles to Iceland and be the longest Arctic crossing ever completed.

Skipper Fiann Paul, who has also set two individual records on the way, said: "We set a speed record which we believe will not be beaten for many years to come and broke the record for the northern most altitude reached by a rowing vessel that previously stood for 27 years.

More news to follow. . .


4,469 people have summited Mount Everest…
536 people have travelled into space…
Nobody has yet rowed across the Northern most seas…

We are delighted to support all the crew on PolarRow as they attempt to secure 5 world records.

  1. First to row the Open Waters Arctic Ocean from South to North
  2. Fastest row in the Arctic
  3. Northernmost latitude reached by a rowing vessel
  4. First to row the Open Waters Arctic Ocean both directions
  5. Largest team to row in the Arctic

Click PolarRow to visit their web site and track their progress – it’s inspirational.

Office Refurb Complete

We love the new layout and new look of PCI office. What do you think?

New Office Facilities

Having been approaching the end of our current lease in Woodseats Close we have been looking at alternative office accommodation. After an extensive search we have decided to stay where we are but we will be changing the internal configuration. Due in Q2 ’17 we will creating a new Demo Room with the latest projection equipment so we can show the very best of our Prof.IT applications and a new ‘Groovy Room’ (you can blame the team for the name) for small meetings and blue sky thinking. We will also be creating a server room to host our new HP servers, Cisco router, etc. More to follow in the new year.

Microsoft Price Increase

Microsoft will increase the prices it charges British businesses by up to 22% to account for the slump in the value of the pound following the EU referendum result, the software company has announced. The new prices, which will come into effect in January 2017, see the amounts expected for locally hosted software increase by 13%, while “most” cloud-hosted services will increase by the full 22%, the company said in a statement.

Prof.IT System Help Pages

PCI have been working hard toward provide an brand new on-line help facility for Prof.IT. More news and details to follow soon, keep an eye out.

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Spread the word with your business friends and get rewarded for every friend that joins our customer base. Once your friend has purchased Prof.IT, we will reward you for your recommendation. Choose you reward from a variety of options.

PCI Systems & Hillsborough Steelstock Sign Agreement

Since its formation in 1992 Hillsborough Steelstock Limited has developed into one of the region's major privately-owned, independent steel stockholders and has established an impressive reputation for efficiency and good service.

At its premises in the North of Sheffield, Hillsborough Steelstock carries a comprehensive range of mild steel products including sheets, plates, hollow sections and re-rolled items. Most of the products stocked are of British origin and all are covered by full Material Certification.

A major element of Hillsborough Steelstock's day-to-day operations is steel processing. The company has the resources and technical expertise to provide a wide range of processing services including shearing, sawing and plasma-cutting with every effort made to ensure that such operations are completed in accordance with the customer's schedule.

This enviable capacity has been achieved by recognising the strategic importance of timely investments in the best equipment. It was this business model that lead Hillsborough Steelstock to investigate the market for a new IT system. Looking for a system that would complement their current operations and provide an opportunity to progress and continue to expand. With a clear list of improvements and features they approached the market leaders in the provision of meals specific software.

PCI Systems have been providing metal specific software since the early 1980’s and are both able to provide the right applications and a team with metal specific experience essential to maximising software potential. Having concluded the demonstrations and discussions Hillsborough Steelstock and PCI System are pleased to confirm that they have reach an agreement. PCI will be providing their windows based Prof.IT suite of applications include Cutting Optimisation, Logistics Manager and Process Scheduling. Both companies are looking forward to establishing a long and beneficial partnership.

Jonas Software acquires PCI Systems

Jonas Computing (UK) Limited (“Jonas”) announced today that it has completed the acquisition of PCI Systems Ltd. (“PCI”) representing Jonas’ continued expansion into the metals stockholding and processing sector in the United Kingdom. “Over its long and successful history, PCI has established itself as one of the leading players in providing software and services to metals distribution industry in the United Kingdom”, said Barry Symons, CEO of Jonas. “With PCI now part of our portfolio, Jonas has clearly become the leading supplier of software solutions to this market. We are very excited to welcome the PCI customers and employees to our organization.”

About Jonas: Jonas is a leading provider of enterprise management software solutions to a number of vertical markets including a rapidly growing position in the UK market. Jonas has over 40,000 customers, in over 15 countries worldwide. Jonas’ focus is on creating long term relationships with our customers and ensuring that we meet and exceed their software and service needs.

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