• Can I visit PCI?

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    Yes, we'd love to show you around and introduce you to the staff.  Our head office is in Sheffield with additional training facilities in Taunton.

  • Can Prof.IT be used in different parts of the world?

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    Our customers have subsideries opperating prof.IT in the USA, Singapore, Egypt and China.

  • Can we use Prof.IT Remotely

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    You can access the prof.IT system, and other application, simply and securely where ever you can get an internet connection.

  • How will I know how to use Prof.IT?

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    We are happy to "Train the User" or "Train the Trainer".  With over 30 years experience of system installations and training we are able to provide schemes designed to meet your needs.

  • Would we be able to talk to or visit some of your existing customers

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     We would be pleased to put you in contact with current Prof.IT users. Just call our Sales Manager on our 0114 201 2200 or use the Make an Enquiry button in the web site.

  • How well established are PCI?

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    PCI were established over 30 years ago in 1981.  We have worked with 100's of companies and value longterm partnerships with our customers.

  • Which Server Operating Systems does Prof.IT use?

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    Prof.IT will run on any of the Microsoft Servers or Small Business Servers 2008 or newer and uses SQL Server 2005 or newer.

  • What IT equipement would our staff need?

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    PC's or thin clients.

    PC's under two years old will be fine and older PC's may well suitable.  Prof.IT runs on Microsoft Windows Vista Pro and Microsoft Windows 7 Pro (32bit or 64bit).

    RemoteApp via Terminal Services

    We would be happy to provide an anlysis of your existing hardware and infrastructure.

  • Can I use a laptop with a wireless connection?

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    Laptop requirements are similar to those for PC's. Wireless and wired connections are fine for PC's and laptops.