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Customer Relationship Management

The building of good business relationships is fundamental for any organisation wishing to develop their share of the market. The more information you know about your current and prospective customers the better you will be positioned to provide, enhance and tailor your service to their specific needs.

prof.IT has a fully integrated Customer Relationship Management solution. This outstanding piece of software can be used as a stand alone solution, or integrated with the rest of the prof.IT system and as such complements it. It will allow you to monitor all contact between you and your customer base and record all contact details associated with any prospective client. Features of this module include:

  • Scheduling and tracking all customers' calls and points of contact
  • Building a detailed portfolio about each of your customers and prospective customers
  • Storing data for each individual contact within a company
  • Monitoring and tracking employees workloads and performance
  • Producing criteria lead Mailshot, Faxshot or e-shot lists, based on Region, Industry Type, Company Turnover etc
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