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Load and Transport Management

Do you have your own wagons?  How much time and effort is involved in managing the administration of loading the wagons and allocating loads on to routes? PCI appreciate that this can be a very time consuming job, often seeing personnel juggling endless pieces of paper and shuffling information back and forth.

The prof.IT system has a Load & Transport Management System, replacing the endless paper work, with a simple point and click method.

The system will produce a list of all picking notes created for each customer by delivery location e.g. Midlands, North Yorkshire etc.  These can then be dragged and dropped using the mouse to any of the loads/routes you have defined making that trip.  This automatically creates the delivery note for the despatch.  Another very useful feature of this screen is that the system also displays the total weight of the load so that you can see when the load is full and has reached its weight capacity.

Feeding back to the sales personnel on the sales screen is the status of the load, e.g. 75% full for the Midlands route in the morning.   This is a very useful feature to get your sales team on the phone to fill up the wagon, reduce delivery overheads and maximise profits.

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