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Document and Image Management

Look around your office, how many filing cabinets are there full to bursting? What about ring binders and file boxes? How much space do these take up? What about when a file is missing? How can you find it and how do you share this information?

PCI’s state of the art prof.IT system comes complete with an inbuilt Document Management system. Every Order Acknowledgment, Invoice, Purchase Order etc. is stored in electronic, PDF format. This means that any document can be recalled to the screen with ease.

Have you ever worked out how much it costs to print and store all of this information? The paper, the pre-printed stationery costs, the ink, the ring binders, the manpower in filing and retrieving all of this information? An integrated Document Management system will alleviate some of the costs and overheads associated with storing so much paper. All of this information will be available to you and all the other members of your business in electronic format. The information can then be shared and is stored on your computer server which is backed up each evening. Better still the information can then be faxed or e-mailed to the client from the desktop.

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